Roman Catholic Parish of
St Marie and St Joseph
Roman Catholic Parish of
St Marie and St Joseph

Restoring a Gem

I remember an old priest in seminary talking about those who had the care of the fabric of our seminary buildings, quoting from the scriptures

‘You shall be called breach mender, restorer of ruined houses.’ (Isaiah 58:12).

Little did I know back then that throughout my priestly ministry that title could be applied to me!!!

Twenty years since my ordination I now find myself Parish Priest of a large and vibrant parish in Bury embarking on the biggest repair and restoration project to date. Thankfully I do not undertake this task alone. There is a group of keen and hard-working parishioners who collaborate with me in this task.

Undertaking such a massive project would not be possible without the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). We are indebted to them for their guidance and extend our sincere gratitude to the HLF and above all to the players of the National Lottery for the financial help that we have already received.

In the blog section of our parish website you will find regular articles and updates on the work being undertaken with the help of the HLF. Please do come and visit the website often to see how we are progressing and making the Heritage which is St Marie’s secure for future generations.

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