Father Alosza

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Recently we welcomed Father Alosza Miciński back to our parish.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with Fr Alosza and his connection to our parish then here is a little background info.

I first met Father Alosza back in 2009. Then he was a student for the priesthood with his religious order the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. At that time he was accompanying one of the older priests of his Order who was visiting friends in our parish. I immediately struck up a friendship with him. He told me that he would be going as a missionary priest to Kazakhstan and asked it would be possible to make an appeal for funds for the Mission. There began a friendship and a support for the Mission in Kazakhstan that continues to this day. Since then our parish has generously welcomed Father Alosza to our parish and supported him financially. We look forward to his visits and the regular updates we receive from him about life and the Church in Kazakhstan.

Fr Francis made a visit to Kazakhstan in 2017 to see for himself the many places that we have heard Fr Alosza speak about in his visits to us. He was able to give a photo presentation to the parish upon his return which parishioners found most enlightening.

You can find more detailed info about Father Alosza and the Kazakhstan Mission at the following website:

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