Work on the Tower Continued

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Ever since I came to St Marie’s there has been a problem with damp in the choir loft of the church. Many long-standing parishioners have told me that there has always been a problem in this part of the church. Having looked through some of the history of the parish this is indeed the case. Various attempts over the years have proved to be unsatisfactory in trying to resolve the problems of water ingress and damp.

The problem has got worse over the years and the time has come when we have to take drastic action to prevent further damage and the possible loss of this iconic landmark in Bury town centre.

With much valued expertise and guidance from our architect Mr Adrian Pearson of Lloyd Evans and Pritchard we have been able to put together bids to the Heritage Lottery Fund that will help us finance the much needed work to the tower.

We are also most grateful to Ashlyn Whitty and all at the Heritage Lottery Fund for their guidance and support during this time and above all to the players of the National Lottery for the financial help that we have received thus far. It will enable us to ensure the heritage of St Marie’s tower is kept safe for future generations to enjoy.

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